Chef Cory Bahr

Heritage BBQ

Chef Cory Bahr, is a culinary leader in his state of Louisiana and deeply involved in the conservation and preservation of his beloved South.  Bahr, built a national reputation for his inventive takes on classic Southern dishes where his Restaurant Cotton, and his rustic Italian restaurant, Nonna serve as cornerstones in Monroe's recent economic revival.  His newest project is Heritage Catering & BBQ, focuses on Delta cooking - taking classic Southern dishes, utilizing live fire cooking that infuses all the flavors, technique and heritage of his beloved Delta region. He is a spokesman for the 2016 Louisiana Tourism Culinary campaign, a director of the Louisiana Travel Promotion Association, and the only non-New Orleans chef serving on the Audubon Nature Institute’s Gulf United for Lasting Fisheries Chef Council.  He is also a spokesman for NOLA Tree Project’s #GreauxHealthyKids campaign and a passionate proponent for access to fresh, healthy food for all children. Honoring everything that’s important in his South -- community, culture, and culinary heritage -- He's been recognized as Food & Wine's 'People’s Best New Chef' in America 2015, Food & Wine's 'People’s Best New Chef' Gulf Coast 2014, Taste of the South "Taste 50" [2015], Food Network’s Chopped! Champion [2012], King of Louisiana Seafood [2011], and Louisiana Cookin’ magazine's 'Chef to Watch' [2011].


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